Making Money Online In 2020

Lets talk about some ways we are making money online this year

Endless Ideas To Make Money Online In 2020

Simple, it is a giant ocean of ways to make money.  Yes we are starting out 2020 on a “down turn” economically.  However where others see scarcity, I see opportunity.  There is a huge shift and revolution towards working from home.  A huge revolution and shift toward health, cleanliness, online video and entertainment and so much more.

There are plenty of niches to choose from if you want to Make Money Online In 2020, you just have to think, be creative and apply them.

Methods of Generating Money

So lets break down how we can make money online.  Its the same as if we had a business in person, just virtual.  What do people spend money on?

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Basic Needs
  • Love
  • Pets
  • Children

The list can go on and on.  At the core of it however, is that you are focused on solving a pain.  You are a pain reliever.  Someone is looking to buy a mattress, if you have a mattress review website, well they are coming to you to learn more about the mattress they should buy.  If you have a YouTube channel that teaches Korean, people are there because they need or want to know how to speak Korean.

So focus on what pains you want to solve.

For example, besides doing websites, I like to create books.  I make and sell books for print and E-books on Amazon Kindle.  You can create any kind of book, you don’t have to be a good writer.  I make coloring books, I make password log books, journals, you name it.  It makes good money, it solves a need and I make money.

So lets jump into how you can make money online starting today with just the computer you have at home and a few ideas!


Affiliate Marketing

At its core, affiliate marketing is very simple and something probably done in your daily life all the time.  Basically you get a commission every time someone purchases a product or service that you recommend.  Know someone looking for a new mouse, send them a link to a mouse you recommend, if they buy it you get get a small portion of that sale for bringing the customer to the vendor.

This method of making money online is one of the most diverse and simplest.  Find ways to drive people towards a product they are interested in, if and when they buy, you make money! 

This is how I made my first money online, and continues to be one of the top ways I make money online.

So how do you get started making money online with affiliate marketing?  Well lets get into that!



Quick, Easy and Cheap – Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

One of the best things about making money online is that the barrier to entry is generally very low.  You can get started with little to no money and learn as you go.  No special skills or knowledge is required.  Having the desire to learn and win is all you need, the skills will come with practice and time.

Now don’t think it will be an overnight sensation, like anything it can take some time to build.  As you grow, it will grow with you.  So just start, don’t get hung up on the technical details of how it works.  You will learn and become better, but the key is to start and start today.


Lesson 1: Just Get Started

The path may not be clearly defined, you may have questions, but trust that you will learn and adjust as you go.  So just get started.

For me the a quick and easy to understand course was what got me started.  I used Mass Rank Mastery by Kevin Hollerman, it allowed me to learn quickly the tactics and techniques needed.  Could I have learned them other ways?  Yes…but not as quickly and not as correctly that is for sure.


 Lesson 2: Teach Yourself and Ask Questions

Join reddits, join facebook groups, ask questions, read wikis and learn from others.  Plenty of people on the internet are willing to help you on your journey.  Be polite, read and digest as much as you can, as it will help you to earn more money, faster.

How To Get Started

Well as I said, I used a course Mass Rank Mastery by Kevin Hollerman, to learn quickly and get started rapidly.
This course is focused on gaining traffic and visitors with SEO.  SEO, aka search engine optimization might sound hard and complex, but it is really very, very easy.  Kevin makes it easy and shows you how to create websites that generate traffic and customer quickly.

With this course, the goal is to make websites that rank high in Google / Bing / Yahoo search results and get traffic.  This is a very simple process and works very well.  It is the lowest barrier to entry and the tactics applied can be used on Video (youtube) and social media as well.

So how do you start?

To make money online with SEO Affiliate Marketing, you need a website, a niche (topic) and a product to sell.  With those you are ready to go.

So first, pick your niche.  Lets say cats to be simple.  Lots of people love cats, and spend money on cat stuff right?  So cats is our niche.  We can go look for an affiliate that sells cat toys, cat foods, cat accessories and more.  But, what good is it without traffic to make that money online?

We Need Content.

Content, content is king!  After all, Social Media, Video (Youtube) or Website blog, people come to you for the content right?  So that is the most important thing!  We need content!

So we need to make content around our topic, our niche, in this case, lets choose cats.  We cannot just make random content and hope it works.  We need to make content target to people and what they are looking for, after all our goal is to make money right!

So that means we need to know what people are looking for on the internet, so we tailor our content to their searches!

That means…

Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms that people search for in Google / Yahoo and Bing.  They are what drives our content and what we write about.  

Now, ranking and getting traffic for simple work keywords like “cats” or “cat toys” can be tough. There are millions of sites for these that have been out for a long time.  So we need to find keywords where the competition is, lower. “best cat toys for black cats”, “best food for older cats”, “favorite toys for cats”, probably have alot of searchs, but don’t as many results.

So we need to use Keyword research toosl like UberSuggest, Google Search Console, Keywords Everywhere and much more to find these “long tail” keywords that have less competition but people still search for.

Build your content

Once you find those keywords, you can beging to build your content.  This content will drive traffic to your site, where you can then Make Money Online by directing visitors to adverstisements and partner offers that will benefit them.


Making Money Online is That Simple

There is no secret to it, it is that simple.  Figure out what people are looking for online, build content to capture that traffic and those searches and direct them to partner offers, collect a commissions for referring the sale.  Its that simple.

This can be done via a Website, Blog, Video, Social media and much more.  Some every have great success doing paids ads. Buying ads to attract customers and in return selling them for a product.

As long as you spend X but make XX, then why not?  If it works for you and you make money, do it! 


Other Ways To Make Money Online


Here its similar to affiliate marketing, however you are offering the product directly.  So lets say you are building a site around cosmetics.  You build and awesome site, get traffic from the search engines and social media.  Consumers visit your site to purchase goods, like makeup / cosmetics.  Instead of you actually having the products, you pass the orders on to a supplier that has them and they ship them.

This is dropshipping, you get customers to place orders with you and you have someone else ship them.  

Its like owning a store, but not having to own the inventory or supply, yet having the ability to send it upon order.

What a great model for making money online right?  I don’t have to own any inventory, so there is very little risk.  Only when someone does place an order am I them having to purchase and ship it.  Brilliant!


Product Creation

So another way you can make money online is by creating actual products an selling them.  This could be by selling physical products on Etsy like pictures you draw, or knives you make or shirts you have designed.

There are plenty of creative options as well.  For you writers out there and designers, make books for Amazon Kindle.  You can make ebooks that people ready or Low-Content books like journals or Calendars, Log books and much more!

Tshirts, oh man, from Merch by Amazon to Spreadshirt, if you want to design Tshirts and sell them online, the time has never been better.  You can make money online easily with your own designs without having to actually have a shirt printed and instock until someone buys it.  That is truly amazing as the risk is then very very low! 


Conclusion to Making Money Online

There are no shortages of ways to make money online, the possiblities are endless.  All it takes is dedication, creativity and some time and you can fulfill your dream.  This site is dedicated to finding those options, giving you insight and helping you find your path to financial freedom, and being able to work on your terms.  Now lets set forward and Make Money Online together!